"This summer the only interns Mindshare hired in America were maths experts—and it can be hard to attract the best talent without the pay of Wall Street or the glitter of Silicon Valley."

~ Leaner and meaner

14 September 2014 ·

"And, like many other agencies, we have a wealth of strategic and creative talent that is often too narrowly applied to the field of communications – which is really just one aspect of the experience customers and prospective customers have of a brand."

~ Learning the hard way - Brand Republic News

13 September 2014 ·

"The fusion of authoritative brand-building with participative digital innovation was what everyone said they wanted. Actually, as we discovered, the things people say at conferences and in interviews are much more radical than the things they actually put their jobs on the line to do."

~ Learning the hard way - Brand Republic News

13 September 2014 ·

"Martin’s view is that “the modern world of business has become ever more proud to be ever more scientific, rigorous, analytical; and, at the same time, is complaining more and more about the difficulty of having innovation. Those two things are not unrelated”."

~ Only creatives can refashion our old models

9 September 2014 ·

Why The Banner Ad Is Heroic, and Adtech Is Our Greatest Artifact | John Battelle's Search Blog

28 August 2014 ·

"“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle"

~ 10 Smarter and Less Stressful Ways to Get Your Daily Work Done

7 August 2014 ·

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4 August 2014 ·

"Don’t confuse perfection with excellence. Anyone who knows me knows that excellence is a high value for me. But it’s not the same thing as perfection."

~ The Paradigm Shift That Helped Me Defeat Perfectionism Once and for All

29 July 2014 ·

"The glorious part of the strategic dashboard is that when presented the IABI are so enchanting that the entire meeting becomes a discussion about the actions rather than an argument about the data."

~ Strategic & Tactical Dashboards: Best Practices, Examples

21 July 2014 ·

"IPA President Ian Priest. “We have to reshape the business model to reflect the way ours, and our clients’ business, is changing,” he said. “Modern marketing is more collaborative, more partner-based, and agile. So why are we stuck with a payment system that doesn’t reflect this?"

~ Changing the payment rules for clients and agencies

14 July 2014 ·

"This is based on the observation that those that are preoccupied with finding the right solution very rarely turn up anything remotely interesting. While those that set out to try to find the most interesting solution are very often right too."

~ Interesting verus right - revisited

1 July 2014 ·

"The Stoics taught that destructive emotions resulted from errors in judgment, and that a sage, or person of “moral and intellectual perfection,” would not suffer such emotions."

~ Stoicism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

16 June 2014 ·

"They can honestly share what’s true about their product or service. They don’t try to create demand temporarily or artificially…” This is about his brand knowing what’s true, versus spending effort and money on creating something false. He is talking about restraint: brands that know their truths and know their place."

~ The age of less: How brands are built in the digital age | warc.com

16 June 2014 ·

"This industry is happy to see novelty as innovation. That’s fine. It won’t cost you your business,” he said during a talk on what agencies can learn from startups. “But if you’re a startup, you’ll be out of business if you take that attitude. Bright shiny objects are not innovative."

~ Media agency exec turned entrepreneur: ‘Media firsts are not innovation’

10 June 2014 ·

"In this creative, disruptive economy, your share of profits is a function of your share of differentiation, which is a function of your share of creativity—just how deeply, how broadly, and how systematically you can unleash and leverage human potential—wherever it exists."

~ The Future of Work is Already Here—Seven powerful models for work in the connected, collaborative, creative, Big Data economy | MIX M-Prize

9 June 2014 ·

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